#ProtectYouthServices reverses proposed cuts to youth services across the city


Protect Youth Services Demo (64) (1) lighter

After three months of campaigning, where young people across the city demonstrated, went to council meetings, raised awareness, gained support – Brighton and Hove City Council decided to reduce their proposed 80% cuts to youth services to 15%, meaning that £645,000 was reinvested into the budget. An amazing acheivement for everyone involved. Young people had the following to say about their involvement:

“I was so shocked n amazed at how young people managed to actually make a change. It was a real confidence booster in terms of knowing we actually have a voice that will be listened to in the end. I met so many awesome people through all the campaigning and will definitely be getting involved with more things like this now I know that we’re not just telling into a void and that were actually making a difference” (Bette, 16)

“It’s helped me build confidence and what I plan to do next is to use these skills that I have learned through doing the campaign to become a youth worker” (CJ, 21)

“I have continued to gain confidence especially when talking to a group of people that i have no clue who they are and as well as gain valuable info throughout the campaign” (Aaron, 18)