Kidz Krew


20170707_190954 Kidz Krew is a project set up and run by young people for the 8-12 range.
This gives activities for the younger age range to do at least once a month.
Activities include cooking, arts and craft as well as plenty more fun activities for them to do.
Each session has about 20 , 8-12 year old turning up and giving it a good vibe.
Parents have been on board and have been really supportive throughout the current sessions.
Kidz krew will be running for once a month until at least May but will try to continue afterwards.
We want thank our funders The Sussex community foundation for helping to fund our project.
We have 2 young leaders but 5 more other young volunteers who turn up and help support the session.
The young volunteers gain experience and confidence when working within large groups that can also lead to better communication skills of which they can use in other jobs and activities if they want to progress.
Writing by A Young leader 20170707_183533