Parks – Hangleton, Knoll and Greenleas
There are three parks in Hangleton and Knoll, with Greenleas being the biggest and roughly central. Even though it has good facilities it is not used as much as other local parks.

St R compressedThe shelter in Hangleton Park is used a lot by young people but is often vandalised, is drafty, dark and sometimes smells of urine. Helping to keep this nice will improve the area and make young people feel valued.

The astroturfs in both Hangleton and Knoll are loved and used on a daily basis.
Safety in the parks could be made better with security cameras and better lighting.

Community Buildings
The local community centres don’t have any areas just for young people and could be more youth-friendly. In general, young people do enjoy it when activities are put on at the centres. Young people also said that Knoll Pavillion should be opened more frequently.

A frustrating issue for young people living in Hangleton is that there are currently no youth workers permanently based at Hangleton Community Centre due to lack of funding.

IMG_0393Increasing costs of bus travel, is a problem for young people. Buses are generally on time but when they are late it can be a bigger issue for young people because it will often be the only way for them to get around.

Young people felt that at times bus drivers could be unfriendly and rude towards them.

It is generally agreed that the bus stops are in good places although there aren’t many of the useful electrical timetables. There is a smartphone app that tells you bus times but it is not promoted widely enough.


Bigger and better youth shelters should be built in both areas so that young people have somewhere to hang out in all weathers. Also, better lighting in Hangleton Park would help young people feel safer and help them to use the park for longer in the evenings.

Events should take place on a regular basis in parks to try and prevent anti-social behaviour. Other ideas for addressing this explored by young people were CCTV, curfews, and increased policing.

083-Knoll-Park-Event-July-2010One of our main actions is to try and create a dedicated young people’s space, such as their own building, café, room or even bus. This would provide a space for groups, activities and 1-to-1 work as well as somewhere for young people to just hang out.

Hangleton Youth Centre should be used more for youth activities and events and both community centres made more young people friendly.

We want to raise awareness and campaign against the regularly rising cost of the buses. It would be good to make more young people aware of the app available for the local buses which informs the user of the running times, routes and timetables for everywhere in the city.

We will carry out surveys on local facilities so that we have in-depth knowledge about the areas and what people want to be developed and changed.