Physical environment
Knoll Clear-up dayThe most important aspect of the physical environment for local young people was parks and public spaces. Within the parks, people especially raised the issues of dog mess and vandalism. For example, there is vandalism on the playground equipment which can be hard to get rid of, or having to re-paint over the vandalism. Broken park equipment was also a concern for many people.

Within Hangleton and Knoll Parks there are alcohol bottles on the floor which can cause accidents. Cigarettes are just thrown on the floor without people thinking about putting them in the bin. This makes the parks and public areas unsuitable for young and old. Another issue that occurs is the appearance of the local houses, many said that the houses looked dirty, run down and uncared for, this results in negative stereotypes developing about the area.

Community safety

Community safety was a large concern of young people in relation to the local area. One of the problems is the lack of lighting in Hangleton Park. This made people feel unsafe in Hangleton during the evening. Young people also felt feel that there should be more police around the area; many also said that CCTV should be installed to prevent incidents. There was also a high level of anxiety around stabbings and shootings due to publicity around these issues on a national and local basis.


Easter Holiday activities 2012 170 compressedParks should be kept clean and tidy by young people and community members working alongside council staff. Linked to this, an important action is to try to get more dog bins in the parks which will hopefully reduce the amount of dog mess in Hangleton and Knoll. We also aim to re-spray the youth shelter at Hangleton on a regular basis (every six months) to keep it looking nice.

We want to look at possible solutions to people feeling unsafe in public places. One possibility that came up was Neighbourhood Watch, another was to try and improve the lighting in the parks, especially Hangleton Park. To make this happen we may need to be raising awareness of this issue at community meetings. Also, police patrol could be improved in the local community by increasing police on duty especially on weekends and making sure they go into the parks often.

We want to empower young children so young people can feel that they can report issues that they have and they know where to go to if they have an issue.