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kidz krew has been really successful we have had a great turn out of young people. kidz krew has been running since May with the first session being in June. we have had a great reviews about kidz krew. I would like to thank the youth workers of the hangleton and knoll project for giving us young leaders an opportunity to run a project. it has been a pleasure to watch something that was just an idea to turn to a popular activity19047133_551730118549108_327235871_o[1] for 8-12 year olds


A group of four you people help run the Friends of Hangleton park festival on August 26th 2017, they ran the inflatable assault course.
Plenty of people turned out for the event and enjoyed their day and we wanted to say a massive thank you towards their commitment throughout the day even if it was really hot. this can give them more opportunities to volunteer with other groups in the future and to include other events.
A massive thank you to you all


20170707_190954 Kidz Krew is a project set up and run by young people for the 8-12 range.
This gives activities for the younger age range to do at least once a month.
Activities include cooking, arts and craft as well as plenty more fun activities for them to do.
Each session has about 20 , 8-12 year old turning up and giving it a good vibe.
Parents have been on board and have been really supportive throughout the current sessions.
Kidz krew will be running for once a month until at least May but will try to continue afterwards.
We want thank our funders The Sussex community foundation for helping to fund our project.
We have 2 young leaders but 5 more other young volunteers who turn up and help support the session.
The young volunteers gain experience and confidence when working within large groups that can also lead to better communication skills of which they can use in other jobs and activities if they want to progress.
Writing by A Young leader 20170707_183533


20170720_180633-1 The Youth Team hosted a workshop on Thursday 20st July from 6-8pm. The aim of this was to look at the actions outlined within the Hangleton & Knoll Youth Manifesto (, to get an idea of what young people thought should be the priorities for the coming year/s. 21 young people aged 12-19 participated in the workshop.

Top priorities

Joint number 1: Employment/Education
This featured highly and consistently in almost every group of YP. In particular, YP thought that the links between education and employment should be strengthened and that there should be a campaign to raise awareness about young people’s stresses and worries about gaining employment.

Joint number 1: Build better Youth Shelters/A space just for young people
The idea of venues/spaces just for young people came up strongly. However, most strongly was the idea that the youth shelter in Hangleton Park should be improved, and one built in Knoll Park. Young people were very keen to be involved in making this happen.

Number 2: Improve Lighting in the Parks
This fed into the discussions about youth shelters. Young people taking part in this workshop spend a lot of their time hanging out in the parks. Their priorities therefore resolved around things that would make this aspect of their lives safer and more comfortable.

Number 3: Campaign to reduce bus costs
Participants felt that bus costs were too high and this stopped them from getting other places and accessing other opportunities

Number 4: Opportunities to get off estate/at least one residential a year.
Young people felt that this improved their mental health, meant that they could try new things and just have some space from whatever was going on in their lives

Number 5: Improve Social Work
This was actually not an action included in the original Manifesto but one that came up within one of the first groups and that we then included. Young people felt strongly that social workers should be more responsive to their needs and wants and should be better at listening to them.

The following priorities were also included by the groups (in order of importance)

1/ Better split of activities between Hangleton and Knoll
2/ More 1-to support and counselling/more sports activities
3/ More events in the parks/at least one big event every 2 years/use Greenleas more/YP decide activities/promote the benefits of volunteering.


After three months of campaigning, where young people across the city demonstrated, went to council meetings, raised awareness, gained support – Brighton and Hove City Council decided to reduce their proposed 80% cuts to youth services to 15%, meaning that £645,000 was reinvested into the budget. An amazing acheivement for everyone involved. Young people had the following to say about their involvement:

“I was so shocked n amazed at how young people managed to actually make a change. It was a real confidence booster in terms of knowing we actually have a voice that will be listened to in the end. I met so many awesome people through all the campaigning and will definitely be getting involved with more things like this now I know that we’re not just telling into a void and that were actually making a difference” (Bette, 16)

“It’s helped me build confidence and what I plan to do next is to use these skills that I have learned through doing the campaign to become a youth worker” (CJ, 21)

“I have continued to gain confidence especially when talking to a group of people that i have no clue who they are and as well as gain valuable info throughout the campaign” (Aaron, 18)


Young Men Awards 201624 young people were presented with their Brighton and Hove Youth Awards by the Mayor at the Hangleton & Knoll AGM last night, for taking part in a range of projects including volunteering, anti-bullying work, young leaders, young men’s work. Here are some of our young men, posing with their certificates with the mayor.

Also Aaron Checksfield, 18 was awarded with the HKP ‘Volunteer of the Year’ for his amazing work as a young leader and throughout the project. Well done Aaron!!


The Hangleton and Knoll Project Youth Team has received funding for 2017 to do community-based youth work around drugs and alcohol and self-harm, through our drop-ins and our young women’s work.

Thanks to the Sussex Police Commissioner’s Community Safety Fund and the Brighton and Hove Mental Well-being Innovation Fund for supporting our projects and watch this space!


Hangleton and Knoll young people from the ABC (anti-bullying club) and pupils from Hove Park Lower have designed a leaflet to be distributed amongst schools across the city. The leaflet talks about bullying, what it is, what young people can do if they are being bullied, as well as personal messages of support.

The leaflet can be found online here:


Over the summer, young men took part in a three day film project. They wrote, filmed and directed Bobby’s Story, which is about family break-up, bullying in the community, drugs and alcohol, and the support that youth work can give you.

Bobbys Story The Hangleton and Knoll Project.


The Youth Manifesto, with friends of Hangleton Park and Kobe the dog, painted the Youth Shelter in Hangleton Park over the summer. Following consultation with young people, the shelter is now blue!

Painting 1