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Protect Youth Services Demo (64) (1) lighter

After three months of campaigning, where young people across the city demonstrated, went to council meetings, raised awareness, gained support – Brighton and Hove City Council decided to reduce their proposed 80% cuts to youth services to 15%, meaning that £645,000 was reinvested into the budget. An amazing acheivement for everyone involved. Young people had the following to say about their involvement:

“I was so shocked n amazed at how young people managed to actually make a change. It was a real confidence booster in terms of knowing we actually have a voice that will be listened to in the end. I met so many awesome people through all the campaigning and will definitely be getting involved with more things like this now I know that we’re not just telling into a void and that were actually making a difference” (Bette, 16)

“It’s helped me build confidence and what I plan to do next is to use these skills that I have learned through doing the campaign to become a youth worker” (CJ, 21)

“I have continued to gain confidence especially when talking to a group of people that i have no clue who they are and as well as gain valuable info throughout the campaign” (Aaron, 18)


24 young people were presented with their Brighton and Hove Youth Awards by the Mayor at the Hangleton & Knoll AGM last night, for taking part in a range of projects including volunteering, anti-bullying work, young leaders, young men’s work. Here are some of our young men, posing with their certificates with the mayor.

Also Aaron Checksfield, 18 was awarded with the HKP ‘Volunteer of the Year’ for his amazing work as a young leader and throughout the project. Well done Aaron!!

Young Men Awards 2016


The Hangleton and Knoll Project Youth Team has received funding for 2017 to do community-based youth work around drugs and alcohol and self-harm, through our drop-ins and our young women’s work.

Thanks to the Sussex Police Commissioner’s Community Safety Fund and the Brighton and Hove Mental Well-being Innovation Fund for supporting our projects and watch this space!


Hangleton and Knoll young people from the ABC (anti-bullying club) and pupils from Hove Park Lower have designed a leaflet to be distributed amongst schools across the city. The leaflet talks about bullying, what it is, what young people can do if they are being bullied, as well as personal messages of support.

The leaflet can be found online here:


Over the summer, young men took part in a three day film project. They wrote, filmed and directed Bobby’s Story, which is about family break-up, bullying in the community, drugs and alcohol, and the support that youth work can give you.

Bobbys Story The Hangleton and Knoll Project.


The Youth Manifesto, with friends of Hangleton Park and Kobe the dog, painted the Youth Shelter in Hangleton Park over the summer. Following consultation with young people, the shelter is now blue!

Painting 1


We decided that as part of our Manifesto project, we wanted to collect and find out local young people’s views about the EU referendum. So we have been asking and recording young people in our neighbourhood talking about what they thought about leaving the EU, if they thought it was the right decision, what it meant for their future, if they thought young people should have been able to vote and whether they would have voted.


The HKYM recently spent their grant money from the council on various sport and lesuire activities, such as a Boxing project, Swimming trip, DJ workshops, relaxation day and a ski-ing trip trip. We also spent £500 on our young leaders prodject on a residential to help train and improve there knowledge as young leaders…

We’d like to thank the Council for there funding without which the activities would not possible amd we’d have lots of unhappy young people locally…

Heres a photo of some of the amazing work and effort that took place over the course of easter….




The Hangleton and Knoll Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) was set up because so many young people said that bullying was a problem for them. The group talked about their project:
Worry dolls photo

“We started off by looking at bullying, what it is, how schools deal with it and what their policies are. We decided to think about ways that would help young people who were experiencing bullying to destress and to feel better. We’re making kits with stress balls, bath bombs, worry dolls, a CD with songs to make you feel better, chocolate, leaflets, a little colouring book and other items. We will give these out at a workshop at the schools to young people who are having problems being bullied and feeling stressed”

“I like the anti-bullying project because you don’t get judged and you’re around people who’ve had the same experiences as you. Its good that we’re trying to help people who are also getting bullied”.


Great opportunity for Manifesto to talk about the great work that has been done this past year. Hopefully impressed some local councillors and members of the public. Good opportunity for us to raise awareness in order to make new contacts, support and potentially get new funders interested!!!