Anti-Bullying Club (ABC)_


The Hangleton and Knoll Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) was set up because so many young people said that bullying was a problem for them. The group talked about their project:
Worry dolls photo

“We started off by looking at bullying, what it is, how schools deal with it and what their policies are. We decided to think about ways that would help young people who were experiencing bullying to destress and to feel better. We’re making kits with stress balls, bath bombs, worry dolls, a CD with songs to make you feel better, chocolate, leaflets, a little colouring book and other items. We will give these out at a workshop at the schools to young people who are having problems being bullied and feeling stressed”

“I like the anti-bullying project because you don’t get judged and you’re around people who’ve had the same experiences as you. Its good that we’re trying to help people who are also getting bullied”.