About Us

We are a group of young people in Hangleton and Knoll trying to make sure that local actions are influenced by young people for young people.

The Hangleton and Knoll Youth Manifesto is an on-going project to improve things for local young people, based on what they want. The Manifesto is aimed at young people, youth workers and all organisations involved with the young people in the local area.

We decided on what we thought were the main issues for the area based on the Shout Out consultation with over 300 young people; we then created workshops around these topics. We wanted to collect young people’s views around these specific areas and what actions they would like to be carried out. To encourage young people to come along to the workshops we made them fun and used varied methods; we also organised activities for afterwards as a reward for the 50 young people that participated.

After putting on the workshops we met regularly to discuss the information we had collected and how we would edit it. The action plan is structured around what the issues are, as expressed by young people, and what actions should be carried out as a result.

The project started in May 2012 and was launched a year later on 29th May 2013. However it won’t stop here; we are going to continue trying to improve the issues outlined. This website will keep people updated with any progress made and we will carry on lobbying organisations to implement the relevant actions.