2017 Manifesto priorities for YP


20170720_180633-1 The Youth Team hosted a workshop on Thursday 20st July from 6-8pm. The aim of this was to look at the actions outlined within the Hangleton & Knoll Youth Manifesto (www.hkym.co.uk), to get an idea of what young people thought should be the priorities for the coming year/s. 21 young people aged 12-19 participated in the workshop.

Top priorities

Joint number 1: Employment/Education
This featured highly and consistently in almost every group of YP. In particular, YP thought that the links between education and employment should be strengthened and that there should be a campaign to raise awareness about young people’s stresses and worries about gaining employment.

Joint number 1: Build better Youth Shelters/A space just for young people
The idea of venues/spaces just for young people came up strongly. However, most strongly was the idea that the youth shelter in Hangleton Park should be improved, and one built in Knoll Park. Young people were very keen to be involved in making this happen.

Number 2: Improve Lighting in the Parks
This fed into the discussions about youth shelters. Young people taking part in this workshop spend a lot of their time hanging out in the parks. Their priorities therefore resolved around things that would make this aspect of their lives safer and more comfortable.

Number 3: Campaign to reduce bus costs
Participants felt that bus costs were too high and this stopped them from getting other places and accessing other opportunities

Number 4: Opportunities to get off estate/at least one residential a year.
Young people felt that this improved their mental health, meant that they could try new things and just have some space from whatever was going on in their lives

Number 5: Improve Social Work
This was actually not an action included in the original Manifesto but one that came up within one of the first groups and that we then included. Young people felt strongly that social workers should be more responsive to their needs and wants and should be better at listening to them.

The following priorities were also included by the groups (in order of importance)

1/ Better split of activities between Hangleton and Knoll
2/ More 1-to support and counselling/more sports activities
3/ More events in the parks/at least one big event every 2 years/use Greenleas more/YP decide activities/promote the benefits of volunteering.